Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Flippin Flapjacks Word Work Game

This game was also adapted from an idea I got from a presenter at a BER workshop. It is called Flipping Flapjacks. Use an old frying pan and spatula as the game "board." Create the flapjacks by cutting out brown and tan circles and gluing them back to back and then laminating them. Then you can create any kind of questions you would like. I created mine with homophone, magic e, and past tense questions.

To play the students put three flapjacks in the pan with the question side up. When it is their turn they must read the question aloud and say their answer aloud. Then they use the spatula to flip it over. If they are correct they get to put the flapjack on their plates. The winner is the one with the most flapjacks.

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